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Developing first-in-class advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)

Our technology is based on error-free genome editing for eradication of life-threatening persistent virus infection.

Recombinase-based genome surgery technology

PROVIREX employs site-specific recombinase-based genome surgery technology to precisely excise chromosomally integrated viral genomes (proviruses). The major advantage of site-specific recombinases is that they function independently of host DNA repair. Therefore, in contrast to other gene editing technologies, they act with nucleotide precision producing completely error-free recombinants.

The engineered recombinase Brec1 excises HIV-1 proviruses with high specificity from the genome of infected host cells. Brec1 activity has unparalleled and lasting antiviral effects in vitro and in vivo. Consequently, plasma viral load declines to levels below the detection limits of the most sensitive assay systems. No viral rebound has been observed.


The therapeutic mechanism of Brec1 recombinase is shown schematically on the right. In infected cells, Brec1 specifically recognizes the proviral HIV genome. Subsequently, the HIV provirus is excised via homologous recombination and the host cell genome is reassembled without errors. Thus, the proviral genome is removed and the cell is cured from HIV

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